Bird Survey in QaraDagh

Kurdistan Botanical Foundation conducts a three years project that involves in collecting and analyzing data on Flora and Fauna of the Area. This region is globally considered as one of the Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) and Important Bird Areas (IBAs) for birds and other wild animals. Many birds are passing through and staying in QaraDagh for a while, more than one hundred bird species are observed in this area. Recently the Kurdistan Botanical Foundation (KBF) team recorded a new species for Kurdistan and Iraq; the Gold crest Regulus regulus. Moreover, five new bird species are added to the list of this region.
Furthermore, QaraDagh encounter significant population of the globally endangered species such as; the Egyptian Vulture Neophronpercnopterus. Also other key species are found breeding including biome-restricted species such as Eastern Rock Nuthatch Sittatephronotaand Wetsern Rock Nuthatch Sittanewmayer. A field guid for the Birds of QaraDagh will be published in a near future.