Landscaping design at AUIS

The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani is one of the most prestigious universities in Iraq. It was first established in 2006; the new campus was finished and occupied by Auis in 2012. Only 10% of the total land so far is occupied by first phase of building and landscaping.

KBF started the design of the second phase of the landscaping in Jan 2014; which included 4-5 areas. One area is about 2500 m² was selected to be the main focused garden that included many beautiful flowering plants & pavements. The other areas were designed for forests and orchards for native trees, such as Oak, Maple, Mulberry and Olives.

The project started in January and ended in July 2014, hundreds of trees, shrubs and annual & perennial herbs were planted. Irrigation system was also established to save water and easy management.

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Project Completion Year: