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Floristic study of Qara Dagh region in Kurdistan

     Qara Dagh Mountain is a part of Irano- Turanian Region and Zagros mountain steppe ecoregion (; Floristically, this region is not only one of the richest in number of species and genera, but the most active  in the formation of the species; Vegetationally, the region is rich in: Forests, various alpine and sub alpine grassy , and herbaceous communities; finally this area is one of the most rich and hot spot for biodiversity in the world and also according to the historical data there were about 30-40 local and regional endemic species re

Floristic Study of Azmar-Goizha, Sulaimani/Kurdistan of Iraq

   The Azmar and Goizha are located in the Kurdistan Iraq Region of Sulaimani Governorate. It is part of the extensive Zagros Mountain Steppe ecoregion (World Wildlife, 2007) or the Kurdo-Zagrosian ecoregion (Zohary, 1973). The Azmar and Goizha mountains are well known to all residents of the Sulaimani Province and, because of their proximity to Sulaimani city, they are considered one of the most convenient recreational and residential areas in the region.